SS15 Collection

SS15 Collection

Vallila’s SS15 collection “The Barricades of Joy” is full of strength, colours and life. This collection is captivating, it demands space for art, music, colours, and shapes. Spring and summer are the time for brightness, fresh ideas and breaking the limits – indeed, Vallila’s new collection rises up to the barricades of art and joy: it is like a counter-force for the dark-coloured ripples and changes in the world. 

The Barricades of Joy steps forward courageously, glowing in the colours of joy. It is a concentration of the novelty of spring, and the scents of a nature waking up, the excitement of a summer night, the magic of midsummer, rich colours, hues of joy and celebration, and the strong message of art: let the adrenaline flow, live, enjoy and be happy, do things that make you feel powerful and willing!

This collection has been designed by Vallila Interior’s designers Tanja Orsjoki, Saara Kurkela, Riina Kuikka and Matleena Issakainen. In addition, the collection includes patterns by the sculptor Zoltan Popovits. Pattern collaboration with Fazer also continues. 


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