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The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics

2016-11-07 Kommentarer:
The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics

The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics which take their place as the most important decorations of Christmas. A simple, beautiful and unhurried Christmas atmosphere is created by the most important traditions, important people, the warm light of candles, delicious flavours and effortless decorating. Furnish your home for Christmas with Vallila’s beautiful fabrics: for example, with the glowingly lush Ruusunen, the sweet Piparikylä or the red-grey Porvoo design. Stylish and warm furnishings are the most beautiful Christmas decoration!



The 2016 Christmas of Vallila includes many fantastic designs: Juolukka in a glowing red shade, Metsäjänis adorable on a red background, the striped design Pallas in red and grey, the sweetest design of Christmas Piparikylä in red, the beautiful and poetic flower design Poem, the Porvoo design that captures the atmosphere of the picturesque Christmas village of Porvoo in the appearance of a frosty day in red and grey, and Varvikko in a red, white or blue-grey shade.





Of the most popular designs seen before, new colourations are coming for Christmas of the impressive lacy Aleksanteri design in red, last Christmas’s favourite designs Bergen and Olkipukki, respectively in red and beige, the Muonio design in translucent white, and the beautiful vine design Ruusunen with red flowers on both a grey and fresh white background.




In the Ruusunen kitchen fabrics, the rose-themed design created by Saara Kurkela is repeated. The pattern is detailed and rambling, and its colouring is luscious and atmospheric. The Ruusunen design is excellently suited for the splash of colour in the kitchen. Vallila’s Christmas collection is part of Vallila’s AW16 Vaistot interior decoration collection, which was designed by the pattern designers of Vallila, Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen, Saara Kurkela and Riina Kuikka.




There are several designs suited to be Christmas designs in the collection, because there are many pale, grey and red shades and wintry subjects in the collection. In the designs, there are subjects drawn from the Finnish Christmas and its traditions, and also nature. Red, white and grey shine out in the colours, spiced with black, blue and beige.


Many different products are made with the designs for the collection. The selection includes cloth by the metre, ready-made curtains, valances, oilcloth, kitchen products, decorative cushion covers, cloth bags and duvet covers. In the Christmas store of Vallila, you can find Christmas atmosphere for the home and ingenious gift ideas for Santa’s sack. You can find Vallila’s Christmas store at online store


Item loans for the photographs: Stockmann ja Granit 

Vallila provides a valuable and colourful first experience in working life

2016-07-07 Kommentarer:
Vallila provides a valuable and colourful first experience in working life

”I’ve worked as a telephone operator, hooked and folded curtains in the sewing workshop, packed ready curtains and installed curtains,” Oona Niemi lists the summer job tasks she has had in Vallila.

Oona, 22, works at Vallila’s reception in Nilsiänkatu and at the customer service for online shop in the summer 2016. She already has experience with Vallila during several summers: Oona worked for Vallila for the first time when she was 15 years old.

Oona Niemi

Vallila offers summer jobs for all the children of its employees if they are more than 15 years old. Vallila employs 10-20 summer employees every summer. In summer 2016, there are altogether 14 summer employees or summer interns working at Vallila. They work in administration, marketing and the online shop, project planning, wholesale planning, sewing workshop, warehouse and Vallila shop at Stockmann. This summer, Vallila employs three young people using the summer voucher. Summer employees are able to do interesting and versatile tasks, and they are not just the ones responsible for photocopies. Vallila is a medium-sized and agile company: a new employee will quickly get to know the other people in the house and become involved in the hustle and bustle in Vallila.
This summer, Oona has been particularly excited that she has been able to learn and do new things in the Vallila online shop.

”Vallila teaches you about customer service and resourcefulness. It is never boring to come to work. Vallila is also aesthetically pleasing, it is definitely not a boring office.”

A great place to work, Oona sums up her experience during her summers at Vallila. After this summer, she will begin her studies in Biomedicine in Turku. As a girl, the young woman dreamed of being pathologist. It remains to be seen how biomedicine and the summers spent with colourful interior fabrics will come together.

Vallila wants to support the employment of young people and offer youngsters their first job, if possible, for example in the form of a summer job. Other forms of experiencing working life are TET work experience in lower secondary school, longer internship periods and writing their final thesis. There are interns both from secondary and third-level education centres, and the internships usually last 2-6 months. This year, Vallila has had interns from Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Lahti Institute of Design, Omnia and Helsinki Business College.